Chapter 5 – The Bedroom

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Shabby Chic Bedroom

Chapter 5 – Bedroom

They do say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, however you can’t deny that bedrooms are our own personal havens: a place to unwind at the end of the day, a place to relax and a place to sleep. Having taken on the task of a 21 bedroom hotel, this is a room we know a lot about.

We definitely recommend making a mood board so you have a totally clear idea of what you want to achieve in your boudoir. Here is a step-by-step guide to achieving a shabby chic bedroom right in your very own home!

5.1 – Beds

Your bed is your transport to another world, where anything is possible and you can be anyone. Finding your dream bed needn’t be a nightmare! With our helpful expertise in the art of bedroom renovation, you’re in safe hands.

Choosing ‘The One’
If you pick wisely, your bed could be with you for longer than some people’s marriages last! For vintage chic styling, definitely keep your eyes peeled at the vintage fair for impressive French-style bed frames. Chances are you will come across some that resemble these:

French Vintage Bed Frames at

Metal framed beds can also look great in a vintage chic environment and look so gorgeous with simple fairy lights wrapped around. They vary in styles and can also be spray painted any colour you please, so total customisation dependent on your room.

Wire Framed Beds

Making it dreamy
Beds with soft elements can be re-upholstered to your own tastes and colour scheme with a ravishing finish. As with the sofa upholstery, you can create a button back feature for your headboard (and footboard if you have one) by using the same tips. We feel like you can afford to go a bit more “out there” with your choice of fabric and textures.
Here at The Rosebery, we have used a range of different fabrics. One of our favourite results has been the simple, unbuttoned velvet bed with it’s striking silver sheen; velvet adds opulence to your room and a bit of va-va-voom without any tackiness.

Vintage Beds at

Our king sized bed in one of our family rooms could not have turned out more beautiful. The original bed frame was showing it’s age, but with a wonderful, cornflower blue paint, we gave it a new lease of life. Choice of fabric can really make your bed sing, so choose it wisely.

As well as your sofa, your bed also needs some TLC (Totally Lovely Cushions) to make it look even more comfortable and luxurious.
Why not try making your own cushion covers!? It’s not difficult at all; plus it means you get to choose the size, colour, fabric and style. We definitely recommend buying your cushion pads before you make a cover, as then you will know the exact measurements to make your cushion to. Keep it simple with square and rectangle cushions, or try a little challenge and make a circular cushion.

Throw Cushions at

Match Cushions to CurtainsAs we mentioned above, velvet is such a beautiful fabric for soft furnishings and looks great as cushions.
Patterned fabric is such a great idea for cushions, especially if you’ve kept everything else quite simple and plain. Of course, you can’t forget the trim on the cushions; tassels, pompoms, beads… the world is your oyster. Matching the trim and fabric on your cushions to lamp shades can really bring a room together!

Quilts and blankets
You will want to be nice and cosy in your new and improved vintage boudoir, so you might want some extra layers on your bed.
Firstly, for a really luxurious feel, you may want to consider choosing a duvet with down filling; every bed in the hotel has a plump, down duvet and they are so comfortable and cosy. We also keep our bedding choice simple to not distract from the decorative beds and beautiful cushions.

Vintage Bedding Ideas

Ideas you could use for extra toastiness are decorative patchwork quilts or thick knitted blankets. Although many people will be put off using second hand bedding, once it has been cleaned it will be just like new again. If you have a steam cleaner or steam generating iron, Steam Clean Old Beddinguse this for extra cleanliness and if you are just going to be using it as a topper then it really doesn’t matter at all once you’ve cleaned it.

For a bit of extra detail, sew some large lace around the full edge of a plain blanket and keep this folded back, neatly at the foot of your bed.

5.2 – Side tables

No bedroom is complete without at least one bedside table. We love the way two look, as it evens out the interiors and gives a beautiful symmetry to a room. If you’re short of storage space, using small chest of drawers either side of the bed will be the perfect option for you.

Dependent on whether you just choose to have tables or a mini set of drawers, there are a few styles which will work best to create a vintage vibe to your bedroom. Similar to dining tables, bow legged designs with decorative carving are a great choice, as are pot-bellied drawers.

Vintage Bedside Tables at

If getting new furniture isn’t an option, you can always spruce up existing furniture with a paint job, in a soft, inoffensive colour and add some crystal knobs or decorative handles on any drawers.

Vintage Knobs and Handles

Add Crystal Handles

If you are feeling crafty, you can add floral (or any pretty imagery) to your wooden furniture by printing onto the waxy side of wax paper (the image should be mirrored before printing – especially if you’re using text) and using a plastic scraper or credit card, to transfer your printed image onto the wood. Remember to seal the wood surface with wax or varnish afterwards.
If you have the skills; hand paint decorative flourishes onto your furniture.

Bedside lamps
Whether you read at night or not, having bedside lamps is a good idea. You can create an atmosphere with dim lighting, which is perfect for the bedroom and it also means you don’t need to have the bright big light on when you’re getting ready to go to sleep.

Vintage Bedside Lamps at

Small onyx table lamp bases are a great look for a vintage chic bedroom and any small lamps which have some sort of decorative base are a definite yes. These can be easily sourced at markets, car boot sales and vintage fairs.

5.3 – Dressing table

You’ll be wanting a chic station to get ready for your fabulous nights out, so what better than a grand dressing table, complete with a bi-folding mirror and some classic, cut crystal pots for makeup brushes and cotton pads.

When you think of a dressing table, the style you’re probably imagining is what you’re after. A double (or single, depending on space) sided dressing table with drawers and a triplet of mirrors is the perfect look to go for. Imagine Marie Antoinette getting ready for a ball, sat at her pretty dressing table.

Vintage Dressing Tables at

These aren’t the only options, however; you can dress up any surface you have with the accessories to make your vintage chic dressing station come to life.

Singer Base Dressing Table

If your dressing table doesn’t have a mirror attached, you will definitely not want to go without; otherwise, how are you going to get fully dressed up!?
As we mentioned above, bi-folding mirrors are the perfect dressing table accessory as they bring a touch of grandeur. These can be found at, yep, you’ve guessed it; vintage fairs and markets!

Vintage Dressing Table Mirrors

Cut crystal accessories
There’s nothing much more chic than cut crystal and your dressing table will look amazing with a set of pots for your toiletries and makeup brushes. These can be found at the usual place and are normally available in a range of colours.

Cut Crystal Dressing Table Accessories

Vintage brush and mirror
Even if it’s just for show, a brush and mirror set will add instant glam to your dressing table top. Have a look on eBay or at your local market and see what you can find.

Vintage Brush and Mirror Sets

5.4 – Window dressing

At The Rosebery, we were lucky to find some amazing, heavy, silk curtains in a charity shop and get a really great deal on them. They fit in perfectly with the vintage, boutique look of the hotel. We have gone for varying curtain styles throughout the hotel, but our favourites are large floral patterned curtains, but we have a total soft spot for plantation shutters and can’t wait to get them in the hotel!

Go as over the top as you please when dressing your window, even with swags and tails if that tickles your fancy. You can opt for heavier, more substantial curtains or if you have plans for plantation shutters, you could afford to go for the light and airy fabrics draped over a curtain rail. If done in a chic way, lace in windows can look so beautiful, there is a fine line between vintage and grandma’s net curtains though, but you can use your own personal style to gauge this.

Curtain Options at

If your bedroom is South facing and gets a lot of light, you will want to think of how your window affects your room in the day as well as night. Lightweight curtains will let more light through; which isn’t great in the Summer, when mornings are brighter (if you’re not an early-bird and don’t like to be woken by the sun), but it’s perfect for letting more light through during the day. Heavyweight curtains can cause less light to enter a room even when they are open, so are better suited to larger windows.

If you don’t find any pre-made curtains that you would like to use, then you could always get them specially made. Obviously, if you aren’t able to make curtains yourself, then you would be paying for someone to make them for you, which could get expensive if you have large windows to cover, or more than one. But having bespoke curtains means you get to choose your fabric.
Silk fabrics look amazing alongside vintage inspired interiors, as do floral patterned fabrics and vintage lace for privacy.

Bedroom Fabric Choices

Measure up your windows before buying or making curtains for your room, as you want the fit to be perfect.

Dependent on the style of curtain you choose, you may need tie backs. A perfectly chic look, is to have one large curtain across your window (depending upon the width of your window) and a tasseled tie-back, or a tie-back made from the same fabric as your curtain. There are other quirky options, such as large satin ribbons or hooking your curtain over a crystal door knob.

Tassel Curtain Tiebacks

Choose Window Dressing to Suit your RoomThink about the overall look of your room and choose window dressings to compliment the interiors, the shape/size of your room and window.

5.5 – Clothing storage

Having a walk in wardrobe isn’t an option for most people, however you can emulate that by using storage space wisely. A whole wall could be dedicated to storage if you have the space; creating a fitted storage unit complete with rails and shelves is such a good idea as it leaves the rest of your room free for elegant accessories, or a chaise longue at the end of your bed if you fancy!

Whether you’re sharing your wardrobe or just have a lot of clothes, you will know exactly how much storage space you’re going to need.

Vintage Wardrobes at

Creating a curtained storage area, rather than using doors, will help with limited space, as a curtain will act as a sliding door does; taking up no more room and just moving to the side. A curtain will look very glamorous and keep your clothes and other items hidden from view and will give the feel of a walk in wardrobe.

Wardrobe Storage Curtain

Chest of drawers
Sometimes there just isn’t enough space for a full blown wardrobe and so drawers are the next best thing. Find vintage chest of drawers which have intricate, carved detail or are pot-bellied in style to really enhance the vintage feel of your room.

Vintage Chest of Drawers

As we mentioned above, adding details to existing drawers, such as crystal knobs or decorative handles, is a cheaper way to get the look you want, without having to buy new furniture.

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