Chapter 7 – The Garden

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Shabby Chic Garden Decor

Chapter 7 – Garden

Now your home is complete with beautiful. vintage chic styled interiors, it’s time to give the garden a bit of love. No matter the size of your garden, or whether it is concrete or grass, you will not want to forget this ‘room’ (we definitely see it as a room, yes!)
Apart from plants and flowers and lots of them, there are some beautiful ways to spruce up your outdoor living space. The hotel’s private garden is a colourful sanctuary with vintage elements and lots of beautiful plants.

The Rosebery Hotel Garden

7.1 – Seating

Although we may not get much lovely weather in Britain, there’s no reason we can’t make the most of sitting outside when the weather is nice.

Outdoor seating sets
The great thing about outdoor furniture is that it works indoors too, so if you have opted for garden chairs in your dining room, then bring them out when the sun comes out!
Cast iron garden furniture is readily available, new and old, with various styles on offer. Majority of this furniture is black or green and not all that inspiring, so why not get the spray paint out and create something totally unique.

Vintage Garden Chairs

Soft seating
As long as you have space for this over the winter months, you shouldn’t rule out comfortable seating in the garden. Soft furniture looks so quirky outdoors and if you keep is dry, it will be totally fine.
Vintage seating can be really cheap from junk shops and vintage fairs, especially if it’s not in too good a nick. If you can source one, why not have an old wingback chair in your garden?! (You could even try upholstering a chair in waterproof fabric…)

Outdoor Soft Seating

Of course there are options for seatingBuy Garden Furniture After Summer
where the cushions can be taken off and the frames left outside, which are just as good for bringing comfort to your garden. Oftentimes garden furniture can be a little on the pricey side, so buy this just after summer when the sales are on.

Garden Swing Chair

Dedicated seating area
Creating an area in your garden specifically for chilling out is such a lovely idea if you have the space. Even building a small wooden structure in which you have one seat for yourself can create a little haven of peace.
If you have a large garden, having a gazebo or pergola really adds some impact and interest to a space that is often neglected. These structures can be decorated with all manner of knick-knacks and accessories.

7.2 – Mirrors

One of a mirrors’ purposes is to reflect beauty, so where better to have them than outdoors, in your garden amongst the flowers or on a wall reflecting the sun into your garden.

Elegance outdoors
Not only can mirrors bring more light into your garden, but they can add a touch of elegance too. Use the space on your house’s exterior walls to add that vintage chic to your garden. Mirrors with ornate frames look so pretty outside whether the sun is shining or it is chucking down with rain. They become pieces of art in themselves because they are reflecting your beautiful garden!

Vintage Mirrors Outdoors

Illusion of a bigger garden
Another positive to having mirrors in your garden, is that they create an optical illusion of having a bigger garden. Behind plants can make your garden look fuller and more lush too!
Source mirrors from antique shops, markets, charity shops and on eBay. Mismatched mirrors look amazing, so you don’t even need to think about finding more than one of the same style (unless that is what you’re after)

7.3 – Accessories

As with a room inside of the house, having accessories outdoors is just as important. Having fun with accessorising your garden really gives it personality and makes it much more appealing to use in the Summer months and when it’s dry.

If you’re sitting outside in the Summer or having a garden party, a gorgeous look for your table is to have candelabras with candles ready to burn once the sun goes down.
In the hotel garden we have amazing, elaborate brass candelabras which we have spraypainted in bright colours (you could leave them as is, but adding colour brings your garden to life).

Vintage Candelabras

Hanging crystals
Chandelier crystals are so beautiful when they catch the light, making rainbows dance on the walls and sparkling wildly. This is why we thought to hang them outside where they catch every available ray of sun and add some magic to the garden. We used large, vintage chandelier crystals and strung them from the roof of our pergola where they are free to move about in the breeze and look like magical raindrops.

7.4 – Lighting

Gardens don’t have to be limited to looking beautiful in the daytime, you can really make your garden come alive at night through the use of lighting. In the hotel’s private garden, we have made the most of unnatural light as well as natural.

At first you may be thinking, ‘of course you don’t mean an actual chandelier… that’s a bit dangerous’ but fret not. We got a highly skilled electrician to convert a fabulous, vintage, crystal chandelier into an outdoor safe light.

Outdoor Chandelier Hung From Pergola

It really brings a touch of luxury and grandeur to the garden don’t you think? It is such a talking point at garden parties, as the sun fades and you switch on your garden chandelier!

Fairy lights
Of course the garden would not be complete without fairy lights. Imitate a starry sky with rows upon rows of string lights. In the hotel we have lights zig-zagged from the wall to the fence, at a perfect height so as not to cause any neck or head injuries!

Are you feeling inspired?

Use your imagination and this guide (also Pinterest) to really make your home a place you love. Choose decoration options which you know you are going to love for a lifetime and have fun with your renovating!
Interior design doesn’t have to be difficult and you certainly don’t need a professional; if you have a vision then just go for it. Careful planning of time, budget and viability are the most important things you can do before starting any major works.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little room by room guide to making your home vintage chic and feel inspired to make your home beautiful.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on The Rosebery’s Facebook page for all of the latest from our hotel!

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