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Cheaper Rates than Booking via Third Party Portals

Unbeknown,  to most people, since the online domination and globalisation of Booking online portals over the last few years (Such as Expedia (which made £10bn in 2017,, LateRooms, etc).

The cost of staying in a hotel has increased by 40% in the last few years, this raise is solely attributed, to the advent of these intermediaries online booking systems.

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Their sales pitch is that they have a Price Guarantee and guarantees to be cheaper than the accommodation supplier, this is actually not the case and is misleading to many guests.

These portals are simply making a profit off accommodation suppliers, like the Rosebery and you.

So, let’s cut the middleman out.

For many hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfasts, to be able to trade AND cover our ever increasing overheads, charges are added to the cost of your room, when booked by a Third Party portal.

So to simplify it

Cost of a Standard Double Ensuite Room booked direct starts from £85 per night, with the Rosebery.

Booked via an online portal is can start from £105++++++

So please you do the Maths, save ££££££’s and book direct.

The commissions that these huge companies charge small hotels, just to be on their platform.

The fees can start from 15% and up to 30% + the VAT at 20%.

Therefore, it is much cheaper to book direct, as our rates are always lower. So please if you want to optimise the quality of your stay and the best value for money.

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Booking directly with the Rosebery, ensures, cheaper rates than booking via a third party.

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Uni Parent Visiting Your Kids?

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Visiting a Relative in the Freeman?

By booking direct, you can get 10% off a stay of 2 nights or more – Use code: