Freeman Hospital

What is it?

The Freeman hospital in Newcastle has a variety of health services including the Institute of Transplantation, the Northern Centre for Cancer Care, a specialist sleep studies team and the North East’s Regional Urology Centre.

Patients often come from across the UK for appointments with some of the specialist consultants and facilities at the Freeman hospital and choose to stay at the Rosebery. We cater for both short and long term guests attending appointments or visiting relatives in the Freeman. All of the staff at the Rosebery are friendly and attentive to make your stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible. A boutique hotel near the Freeman hospital, our long term guests have access to our kitchen facilities, including washing services, for their convenience.

What can I do there?

The Rosebery welcomes both patients and relatives and tries extremely hard to cater to any additional needs you may have during your stay. You may be sent to the Freeman for long term treatment of tests, so a comfortable and welcoming place to stay is a great help.

The hospital does not have an A&E department as its main focus is treating patients with a long term illness or condition. There is a wide range of services available, from hip replacements and fitting hearing aids to performing transplants and treating heart disease.

It also has affiliations with Newcastle University, whose students work in the Freeman as it is a teaching hospital.

Newcastle’s Freeman hospital was originally built to house a range of services from several different hospitals across the city, relocating them all into one healthcare centre.

The area surrounding the Freeman hospital includes Paddy Freeman’s park, a picturesque green space that you can go to for a little bit of peace and quiet after attending a hospital appointment or visiting a loved one. Stroll through the park or spend a tranquil few moments sitting on a bench and taking in the view before heading back to the Rosebery hotel.

Fun Fact

The Freeman hospital was the first UK centre to successfully carry out both single and double lung transplants and a paediatric heart transplant. It is listed by the government as the UK’s third transplant hospital.

Where is it?

Freeman Hospital,
Freeman Road,
High Heaton,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

The Freeman hospital is located in South Gosforth next to Paddy Freeman’s Park and is a short drive from Jesmond.

How do I get there?

The Freeman hospital can be reached on the number 38 bus, which stops just behind the Rosebery and arrives at the hospital in fifteen minutes.

You can request to book a taxi through the hotel to take you straight to the area of the hospital you require, ensuring you have one less thing to worry about during a difficult time. Arriving by taxi or your own car will usually take ten minutes.

If you have chosen to travel by car, this will take approximately fifteen minutes, although you will be charged for parking at the hospital. The Rosebery has free parking spaces at front of the hotel and to the side, which can be used by guests throughout their stay.