A Bit of Northern History

Historical Newcastle

Newcastle’s Central Station in the 1920s

The Rosebery Hotel is an Edwardian property in the heart of Jesmond and has been a bed and breakfast as far back as 1913. Whilst many of the gorgeous period features remain, the hotel itself has gone through many changes over the years.

Here at the Rosebery, we aim to restore and revitalise all the historical aspects of the hotel. This includes lovingly polishing up the period fireplaces that are in every room and hunting out authentic cast iron balustrades to replace those that were removed during World War II to be used in ammunition.

Many of our guests have also contributed to making history at the Rosebery; over the years we have had famous musicians and actors working nearby in Newcastle city centre choose us as their base whilst performing in plays and on stage. Primal Scream, Prunella Scales, the Scottish Opera and the cast of Hi-De-Hi have all made themselves at home in the Rosebery.

Jesmond Dene

The surrounding area is also steeped in historical elements; we are situated next to Jesmond Dene, which was owned and bequeathed to Newcastle by Lord Armstrong, famous in the region as a philanthropist and pioneer in hydro-electricity. We recommend a visit to Cragside, his Victorian manor home, only a short journey away.

Jesmond Dene

Jesmond Dene in the 1920s

The Rosebery Mystery

During our last renovations in 2011, we stumbled upon our most intriguing piece of history yet, which appears to have been left by a very philosophical person over sixty-five years ago. Whilst redecorating one of the old guest bedrooms we removed the panel from the door to add a more modern appearance to the room. Underneath one of these panels, a past resident or guest had left us a little note, a reminder of their time here: “October 1950, I am wondering where I’ll be in 2010”.

As this was found only a year after this date, we couldn’t help but wonder where this person was now and how their life after the Rosebery had turned out. After speaking to the previous owners of the hotel, we found out that the structure of the room had remained unchanged since 1955 and the panel had never been removed before we began our refurbishment. This message was without a doubt left in 1950 and is a treasured piece of Rosebery history.

If the writer or their relatives wish to tell the story behind it, we would love to welcome them back to Rosebery. Until then, it’s just another one of the features that make us one of the most special Jesmond hotels in Newcastle.