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Chapter 7 – The Garden

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Shabby Chic Garden Decor

Chapter 7 – Garden

Now your home is complete with beautiful. vintage chic styled interiors, it’s time to give the garden a bit of love. No matter the size of your garden, or whether it is concrete or grass, you will not want to forget this ‘room’ (we definitely see it as a room, yes!)
Apart from plants and flowers and lots of them, there are some beautiful ways to spruce up your outdoor living space. The hotel’s private garden is a colourful sanctuary with vintage elements and lots of beautiful plants.

The Rosebery Hotel Garden

7.1 – Seating

Although we may not get much lovely weather in Britain, there’s no reason we can’t make the most of sitting outside when the weather is nice.

Outdoor seating sets
The great thing about outdoor furniture is that it works indoors too, so if you have opted for garden chairs in your dining room, then bring them out when the sun comes out!
Cast iron garden furniture is readily available, new and old, with various styles on offer. Majority of this furniture is black or green and not all that inspiring, so why not get the spray paint out and create something totally unique.

Vintage Garden Chairs

Soft seating
As long as you have space for this over the winter months, you shouldn’t rule out comfortable seating in the garden. Soft furniture looks so quirky outdoors and if you keep is dry, it will be totally fine.
Vintage seating can be really cheap from junk shops and vintage fairs, especially if it’s not in too good a nick. If you can source one, why not have an old wingback chair in your garden?! (You could even try upholstering a chair in waterproof fabric…)

Outdoor Soft Seating

Of course there are options for seatingBuy Garden Furniture After Summer
where the cushions can be taken off and the frames left outside, which are just as good for bringing comfort to your garden. Oftentimes garden furniture can be a little on the pricey side, so buy this just after summer when the sales are on.

Garden Swing Chair

Dedicated seating area
Creating an area in your garden specifically for chilling out is such a lovely idea if you have the space. Even building a small wooden structure in which you have one seat for yourself can create a little haven of peace.
If you have a large garden, having a gazebo or pergola really adds some impact and interest to a space that is often neglected. These structures can be decorated with all manner of knick-knacks and accessories.

7.2 – Mirrors

One of a mirrors’ purposes is to reflect beauty, so where better to have them than outdoors, in your garden amongst the flowers or on a wall reflecting the sun into your garden.

Elegance outdoors
Not only can mirrors bring more light into your garden, but they can add a touch of elegance too. Use the space on your house’s exterior walls to add that vintage chic to your garden. Mirrors with ornate frames look so pretty outside whether the sun is shining or it is chucking down with rain. They become pieces of art in themselves because they are reflecting your beautiful garden!

Vintage Mirrors Outdoors

Illusion of a bigger garden
Another positive to having mirrors in your garden, is that they create an optical illusion of having a bigger garden. Behind plants can make your garden look fuller and more lush too!
Source mirrors from antique shops, markets, charity shops and on eBay. Mismatched mirrors look amazing, so you don’t even need to think about finding more than one of the same style (unless that is what you’re after)

7.3 – Accessories

As with a room inside of the house, having accessories outdoors is just as important. Having fun with accessorising your garden really gives it personality and makes it much more appealing to use in the Summer months and when it’s dry.

If you’re sitting outside in the Summer or having a garden party, a gorgeous look for your table is to have candelabras with candles ready to burn once the sun goes down.
In the hotel garden we have amazing, elaborate brass candelabras which we have spraypainted in bright colours (you could leave them as is, but adding colour brings your garden to life).

Vintage Candelabras

Hanging crystals
Chandelier crystals are so beautiful when they catch the light, making rainbows dance on the walls and sparkling wildly. This is why we thought to hang them outside where they catch every available ray of sun and add some magic to the garden. We used large, vintage chandelier crystals and strung them from the roof of our pergola where they are free to move about in the breeze and look like magical raindrops.

7.4 – Lighting

Gardens don’t have to be limited to looking beautiful in the daytime, you can really make your garden come alive at night through the use of lighting. In the hotel’s private garden, we have made the most of unnatural light as well as natural.

At first you may be thinking, ‘of course you don’t mean an actual chandelier… that’s a bit dangerous’ but fret not. We got a highly skilled electrician to convert a fabulous, vintage, crystal chandelier into an outdoor safe light.

Outdoor Chandelier Hung From Pergola

It really brings a touch of luxury and grandeur to the garden don’t you think? It is such a talking point at garden parties, as the sun fades and you switch on your garden chandelier!

Fairy lights
Of course the garden would not be complete without fairy lights. Imitate a starry sky with rows upon rows of string lights. In the hotel we have lights zig-zagged from the wall to the fence, at a perfect height so as not to cause any neck or head injuries!

Are you feeling inspired?

Use your imagination and this guide (also Pinterest) to really make your home a place you love. Choose decoration options which you know you are going to love for a lifetime and have fun with your renovating!
Interior design doesn’t have to be difficult and you certainly don’t need a professional; if you have a vision then just go for it. Careful planning of time, budget and viability are the most important things you can do before starting any major works.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little room by room guide to making your home vintage chic and feel inspired to make your home beautiful.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on The Rosebery’s Facebook page for all of the latest from our hotel!

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Chapter 6 – The Bathroom

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Shabby Chic Bathroom

Chapter 6 – Bathroom

Believe it or not, you can add vintage chic to your bathroom, even if you’re not planning on buying all new fixtures and fittings.

6.1 – Bath

Bear in mind, that if you are going to be sourcing a bath from a salvage yard or vintage fair, chances are it will need cleaning up and more often than not, re-enamelling. Re-enamelling needs to be done well, so it is best to hire an expert to do it.
There are lots of options for buying vintage styled bath tubs new, but they are rather costly compared to doing up an older bath.

The greatest option for a vintage chic bathroom is a free-standing, roll top bath. If you’re willing to put effort and work into a bath, then you will be able to get a good deal on a more ‘worse-for-wear’ one, which will need a fair amount of attention.

Vintage Roll Tops

Although roll tops look amazing, there are other styles which work just as well too! It may sound terrible, but tin baths look beautiful in a vintage styles bathroom. We’re not talking the ones that are only big enough to sit upright in, we’re on about the fabulous ones with high backs; fit for royalty!

Different Types of Baths

Even if you’re using your existing, fitted bath, you can style it up in different ways to give it a vintage chic look by using quirky taps or changing the simple side panel to something beautiful.

Making it your own
To get your bath to be as beautiful as it possibly can, you can paint the outside of it with a soft colour and even paint the feet if you fancy. Of course this only applies to roll top baths, unless you try something new with a fitted bath; you can source bath feet at fairs and markets too, so this could be an option.

Vintage Painted Roll Top Baths

If you do have a fitted bath, a way to bring a touch of glamour to your bathroom is to have mirror cut to the size of your bath panel. Mirror will make the bathroom seem bigger and will look so chic!

6.2 – Sink

A great place to look for vintage sinks is a scrap or reclamation yard, as well as keeping an eye out for old buildings being refurbished. Sometimes it is possible to salvage a whole bathroom suite, if you’re really lucky!
The styles you will be looking for are usually quite large and deep. Depending on what you’re after, the pictures below will help illustrate the options.

Vintage Styled Bathroom Sinks

Even though many people see coloured bathroom suites as dated, they can be the perfect look for a chic and fabulous vintage bathroom. Choose soft shades of pink, blue, cream or green; fawn and beige will probably look quite dowdy and not very inviting.

6.3 – Taps

Choosing vintage taps and fixtures is a way to bring style, without doing something as drastic as getting a new bathroom suite.

For your bath
Vintage fixtures which work really well are headset style taps with a mounted shower attachment, also taps which come directly from the wall can look stunning!

Bath Tap Vintage Styles

For your sink
Taps with added details, such as raised ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ labels and 4 pronged tops with bobbles on the ends, are perfect for a vintage sink. They are rather hard to describe in words, so take a look at these images here:
Vintage Styled Sink Taps

Lemon Cleans TapsWhichever style you choose, make sure they’re nice and shiny by keeping them clean. You can use lemon to clean taps, as the acidity will lift away soap scum and keep them sparkling. You literally just need to cut a lemon in half and use that to rub the taps and any other elements such as plugs and showerheads.

6.4 – Windows

In a bathroom, you want your privacy and if you’re not lucky enough to live across from a remote field or mountains, then you will need to consider this in the planning of your window covering.

Plantation shutters
As we mentioned in the Bedroom section, we love plantation shutters! They are so elegant and versatile and work great in bathrooms as they give so much privacy while still letting light in. Plain white shutters are the best in a bathroom to keep things looking fresh and clean.

Bathroom Plantation Shutters

This option will need to be fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. An expert will measure up your window to the millimetre to make sure your bespoke shutters are perfect.

Blinds can be the perfect option for a bathroom with limited space. Also blinds are usually pretty waterproof (to protect them from condensation/damp in windows) so are perfect for a bathroom.
Simple roller blinds in a soft colour or patterned Roman blinds for a bit of extra opulence, are both possible ideas for your vintage chic bathroom.

Other options
If your bathroom’s windows aren’t frosted, then purchasing and fitting a film to your window is really cost effective and still lets light through. There are a vast range of different types to choose from; including opacity and a choice patterns.

Frosted glass will give you enough privacy to not need any other coverings for your window. Leaving your window free of anything will make the most of natural light.
If you prefer to dress your window, then you could opt for a simple drape of sheer fabric or some gorgeous vintage lace. Bear in mind that your bathroom will need to be very well ventilated to have a fabric curtain or lace.

Bathroom Window Dressings

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Chapter 5 – The Bedroom

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Shabby Chic Bedroom

Chapter 5 – Bedroom

They do say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, however you can’t deny that bedrooms are our own personal havens: a place to unwind at the end of the day, a place to relax and a place to sleep. Having taken on the task of a 21 bedroom hotel, this is a room we know a lot about.

We definitely recommend making a mood board so you have a totally clear idea of what you want to achieve in your boudoir. Here is a step-by-step guide to achieving a shabby chic bedroom right in your very own home!

5.1 – Beds

Your bed is your transport to another world, where anything is possible and you can be anyone. Finding your dream bed needn’t be a nightmare! With our helpful expertise in the art of bedroom renovation, you’re in safe hands.

Choosing ‘The One’
If you pick wisely, your bed could be with you for longer than some people’s marriages last! For vintage chic styling, definitely keep your eyes peeled at the vintage fair for impressive French-style bed frames. Chances are you will come across some that resemble these:

French Vintage Bed Frames at

Metal framed beds can also look great in a vintage chic environment and look so gorgeous with simple fairy lights wrapped around. They vary in styles and can also be spray painted any colour you please, so total customisation dependent on your room.

Wire Framed Beds

Making it dreamy
Beds with soft elements can be re-upholstered to your own tastes and colour scheme with a ravishing finish. As with the sofa upholstery, you can create a button back feature for your headboard (and footboard if you have one) by using the same tips. We feel like you can afford to go a bit more “out there” with your choice of fabric and textures.
Here at The Rosebery, we have used a range of different fabrics. One of our favourite results has been the simple, unbuttoned velvet bed with it’s striking silver sheen; velvet adds opulence to your room and a bit of va-va-voom without any tackiness.

Vintage Beds at

Our king sized bed in one of our family rooms could not have turned out more beautiful. The original bed frame was showing it’s age, but with a wonderful, cornflower blue paint, we gave it a new lease of life. Choice of fabric can really make your bed sing, so choose it wisely.

As well as your sofa, your bed also needs some TLC (Totally Lovely Cushions) to make it look even more comfortable and luxurious.
Why not try making your own cushion covers!? It’s not difficult at all; plus it means you get to choose the size, colour, fabric and style. We definitely recommend buying your cushion pads before you make a cover, as then you will know the exact measurements to make your cushion to. Keep it simple with square and rectangle cushions, or try a little challenge and make a circular cushion.

Throw Cushions at

Match Cushions to CurtainsAs we mentioned above, velvet is such a beautiful fabric for soft furnishings and looks great as cushions.
Patterned fabric is such a great idea for cushions, especially if you’ve kept everything else quite simple and plain. Of course, you can’t forget the trim on the cushions; tassels, pompoms, beads… the world is your oyster. Matching the trim and fabric on your cushions to lamp shades can really bring a room together!

Quilts and blankets
You will want to be nice and cosy in your new and improved vintage boudoir, so you might want some extra layers on your bed.
Firstly, for a really luxurious feel, you may want to consider choosing a duvet with down filling; every bed in the hotel has a plump, down duvet and they are so comfortable and cosy. We also keep our bedding choice simple to not distract from the decorative beds and beautiful cushions.

Vintage Bedding Ideas

Ideas you could use for extra toastiness are decorative patchwork quilts or thick knitted blankets. Although many people will be put off using second hand bedding, once it has been cleaned it will be just like new again. If you have a steam cleaner or steam generating iron, Steam Clean Old Beddinguse this for extra cleanliness and if you are just going to be using it as a topper then it really doesn’t matter at all once you’ve cleaned it.

For a bit of extra detail, sew some large lace around the full edge of a plain blanket and keep this folded back, neatly at the foot of your bed.

5.2 – Side tables

No bedroom is complete without at least one bedside table. We love the way two look, as it evens out the interiors and gives a beautiful symmetry to a room. If you’re short of storage space, using small chest of drawers either side of the bed will be the perfect option for you.

Dependent on whether you just choose to have tables or a mini set of drawers, there are a few styles which will work best to create a vintage vibe to your bedroom. Similar to dining tables, bow legged designs with decorative carving are a great choice, as are pot-bellied drawers.

Vintage Bedside Tables at

If getting new furniture isn’t an option, you can always spruce up existing furniture with a paint job, in a soft, inoffensive colour and add some crystal knobs or decorative handles on any drawers.

Vintage Knobs and Handles

Add Crystal Handles

If you are feeling crafty, you can add floral (or any pretty imagery) to your wooden furniture by printing onto the waxy side of wax paper (the image should be mirrored before printing – especially if you’re using text) and using a plastic scraper or credit card, to transfer your printed image onto the wood. Remember to seal the wood surface with wax or varnish afterwards.
If you have the skills; hand paint decorative flourishes onto your furniture.

Bedside lamps
Whether you read at night or not, having bedside lamps is a good idea. You can create an atmosphere with dim lighting, which is perfect for the bedroom and it also means you don’t need to have the bright big light on when you’re getting ready to go to sleep.

Vintage Bedside Lamps at

Small onyx table lamp bases are a great look for a vintage chic bedroom and any small lamps which have some sort of decorative base are a definite yes. These can be easily sourced at markets, car boot sales and vintage fairs.

5.3 – Dressing table

You’ll be wanting a chic station to get ready for your fabulous nights out, so what better than a grand dressing table, complete with a bi-folding mirror and some classic, cut crystal pots for makeup brushes and cotton pads.

When you think of a dressing table, the style you’re probably imagining is what you’re after. A double (or single, depending on space) sided dressing table with drawers and a triplet of mirrors is the perfect look to go for. Imagine Marie Antoinette getting ready for a ball, sat at her pretty dressing table.

Vintage Dressing Tables at

These aren’t the only options, however; you can dress up any surface you have with the accessories to make your vintage chic dressing station come to life.

Singer Base Dressing Table

If your dressing table doesn’t have a mirror attached, you will definitely not want to go without; otherwise, how are you going to get fully dressed up!?
As we mentioned above, bi-folding mirrors are the perfect dressing table accessory as they bring a touch of grandeur. These can be found at, yep, you’ve guessed it; vintage fairs and markets!

Vintage Dressing Table Mirrors

Cut crystal accessories
There’s nothing much more chic than cut crystal and your dressing table will look amazing with a set of pots for your toiletries and makeup brushes. These can be found at the usual place and are normally available in a range of colours.

Cut Crystal Dressing Table Accessories

Vintage brush and mirror
Even if it’s just for show, a brush and mirror set will add instant glam to your dressing table top. Have a look on eBay or at your local market and see what you can find.

Vintage Brush and Mirror Sets

5.4 – Window dressing

At The Rosebery, we were lucky to find some amazing, heavy, silk curtains in a charity shop and get a really great deal on them. They fit in perfectly with the vintage, boutique look of the hotel. We have gone for varying curtain styles throughout the hotel, but our favourites are large floral patterned curtains, but we have a total soft spot for plantation shutters and can’t wait to get them in the hotel!

Go as over the top as you please when dressing your window, even with swags and tails if that tickles your fancy. You can opt for heavier, more substantial curtains or if you have plans for plantation shutters, you could afford to go for the light and airy fabrics draped over a curtain rail. If done in a chic way, lace in windows can look so beautiful, there is a fine line between vintage and grandma’s net curtains though, but you can use your own personal style to gauge this.

Curtain Options at

If your bedroom is South facing and gets a lot of light, you will want to think of how your window affects your room in the day as well as night. Lightweight curtains will let more light through; which isn’t great in the Summer, when mornings are brighter (if you’re not an early-bird and don’t like to be woken by the sun), but it’s perfect for letting more light through during the day. Heavyweight curtains can cause less light to enter a room even when they are open, so are better suited to larger windows.

If you don’t find any pre-made curtains that you would like to use, then you could always get them specially made. Obviously, if you aren’t able to make curtains yourself, then you would be paying for someone to make them for you, which could get expensive if you have large windows to cover, or more than one. But having bespoke curtains means you get to choose your fabric.
Silk fabrics look amazing alongside vintage inspired interiors, as do floral patterned fabrics and vintage lace for privacy.

Bedroom Fabric Choices

Measure up your windows before buying or making curtains for your room, as you want the fit to be perfect.

Dependent on the style of curtain you choose, you may need tie backs. A perfectly chic look, is to have one large curtain across your window (depending upon the width of your window) and a tasseled tie-back, or a tie-back made from the same fabric as your curtain. There are other quirky options, such as large satin ribbons or hooking your curtain over a crystal door knob.

Tassel Curtain Tiebacks

Choose Window Dressing to Suit your RoomThink about the overall look of your room and choose window dressings to compliment the interiors, the shape/size of your room and window.

5.5 – Clothing storage

Having a walk in wardrobe isn’t an option for most people, however you can emulate that by using storage space wisely. A whole wall could be dedicated to storage if you have the space; creating a fitted storage unit complete with rails and shelves is such a good idea as it leaves the rest of your room free for elegant accessories, or a chaise longue at the end of your bed if you fancy!

Whether you’re sharing your wardrobe or just have a lot of clothes, you will know exactly how much storage space you’re going to need.

Vintage Wardrobes at

Creating a curtained storage area, rather than using doors, will help with limited space, as a curtain will act as a sliding door does; taking up no more room and just moving to the side. A curtain will look very glamorous and keep your clothes and other items hidden from view and will give the feel of a walk in wardrobe.

Wardrobe Storage Curtain

Chest of drawers
Sometimes there just isn’t enough space for a full blown wardrobe and so drawers are the next best thing. Find vintage chest of drawers which have intricate, carved detail or are pot-bellied in style to really enhance the vintage feel of your room.

Vintage Chest of Drawers

As we mentioned above, adding details to existing drawers, such as crystal knobs or decorative handles, is a cheaper way to get the look you want, without having to buy new furniture.

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A Room by Room Guide to Vintage Chic at

Chapter 4 – The Kitchen

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Shabby Chic Kitchen Guide

Chapter 4 – Kitchen

Bringing a look of vintage chic to your kitchen doesn’t mean you need to rip out your old one and buy all new (unless that was your plan anyway). So here are some ideas to help you update your kitchen, so it can feel just as chic as the rest of your home.

4.1 – Cupboard and drawer fronts

Starting with the thing which forms a fair amount of the overall visual of your kitchen; the cupboard and drawer fronts are going to be one of the first things people see, so they should really set the theme for the room.


We stand by the fact that painting something the right colour will instantly breath life into it and create a great basis for an interior design project. A really popular colour for a vintage inspired kitchen is that slightly greenish duck egg blue colour; painted on all of the cupboard doors. A really neutral shade of cream or light grey will also look beautiful and any colour can be added through kitchen accessories.

Kitchen Cupboard Swatches

In a kitchen you will want to use Painting Cupboard Doors Tipgood paint that can be wiped down if any spillages were to occur. We also recommend that you take the cupboard doors off before painting them, so you get a really nice clean finish with no dribbles of paint.


If you are thinking of more than just a paint job, then there are certain styles which will increase the vintage appeal of your kitchen. Doors with panelling or carved elements are a great look for a vintage inspired kitchen. Also, doors which have little windows are great for kitchens with a shabby chic vibe.

Kitchen Cupboard Fronts

In fact, panelling can be an addition to plain flat cupboard fronts with a bit of simple DIY. A brilliant way to fake vintage panelled cupboard doors is to get some skirting board or dado rail from a shop like B&Q or Wickes and use it around the edge of your doors. You will need to mitre the skirting board/dado rail (cut at a 45 degree angle) so that it matches up nice and neatly. Once you’ve glued this to the door, you just need to paint it.

Sometimes you can be lucky enough to salvage elements of a kitchen from someone who is refurbing their kitchen and may let you take them for free. So even if they don’t fit or need a bit of work, they didn’t cost you a thing!

4.2 – Fireplace

As the kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, it is important that it feels like it. A warm kitchen is so inviting and if you dine in your kitchen, then all the more reason to make it nice and cosy. Adding a fireplace to the room may seem like a huge job, but it could be something as simple as a hearth and surround but with a gas fire in place of a real one.
If you are lucky enough to have a real working chimney breast, then make the most of it!

The fire itself
If you do have a chimney breast, a little pot belly stove or log burner is the perfect option, but if this isn’t a possibility in your home then there are other options. Gas fires can look just as good if they’re set into the right surround and you can get gorgeous electric stoves which look just as good as the real deal.

Types of fire surround
Even if you’re not planning on inputting a fire in, a surround can look stunning in a kitchen. Tall church candles can look great in a fireplace and using a group of them at different heights looks beautiful.
An option for your fireplace can be anything from wood to iron to marble and of course, The Rosebery loves marble! Just make sure you choose something a little on the decorative side, with some sort of moulding, carving or intricate shaping. In the hotel, we have a fireplace in almost every room, ranging from vast, grand marble to smaller, colour-pop iron fireplaces.

Vintage Fireplaces at

Not only do fireplaces look good, but they give you another space for decorative knick-knacks to add to your vintage themed kitchen. Use the mantelpiece as a shelf, to add some quirky details to your vintage kitchen.

Using Space in the KitchenUsing the chimney breast for cupboard/table space

A completely different way to utilise a chimney breast is to add extra storage space to your kitchen or use the space for your kitchen table.

Vintage Meets Modern Kitchen

By making the most of all the available space in your kitchen, you will find that your kitchen will probably feel bigger, which is quite sought after for a kitchen.

4.3 – Worktops

If you’re perfectly happy with your cupboard fronts and just think your worktops are in need of a sprucing up, then you have a few options. You can go all out getting new worktops fitted for your whole kitchen or, if that isn’t a possibility, then customising your existing benches with a sand down and a bit of wax may be for you. There aren’t many options for paint when it comes to kitchen worktop, however the brand Rustoleum do hard wearing paints specifically for kitchen benches.

Kitchen Worktop Types

Wooden tops
Wooden tops are a really lovely addition to cream or pastel coloured cupboard fronts and add a sort of country elegance to a kitchen. Even if you have a wood look laminate on your kitchen surfaces, it can look great if you make the most of your cupboards and the dressing of your kitchen.Painting Advice
If you already have wooden worktops, but want something a bit different, you can give painting your worktops a try. Just remember to prepare your worktops by lightly sanding them and make sure to brush off and wipe any dust off before painting.

Marble tops
Carrera marble looks amazing with grey or plain wooden cupboard fronts! If you are choosing marble, it is a good idea to get all measured up to the millimetre before approaching the marble-works people, so you can get an exact quote. Try a couple of places to gauge how much you would be looking at. Of course, price depends upon how big your kitchen is and how many surfaces there are to top.
Alternatively, the existing benches could be laminated with a marble effect which is probably cheaper but still looks fab.

4.4 – Sink

Every kitchen needs a sink and yes, there is a way you can make it in-keeping with the vintage chic look. A lot of older sinks are porcelain with fixed uppers where the tap comes out from the back’s vertical section.
You also quite often find that freestanding sink units will be included in kitchens with a vintage style and often feature a little shelf underneath for storage.They are of course a great option if you have the space.

Large ‘farm-style’ sink
If you have the space, a large sink will always look great in any kitchen and finding one which has a connected draining board would be absolutely perfect for your vintage kitchen. As with most things, you can most probably source them at a vintage fair, so as you read this blog, make sure to list down all the items which apply to your home’s refurbishment. Here are a few examples of the types of sinks you would be looking for.

Kitchen Sinks

Vintage taps
If space is limited, then taps are the best way to bring a vintage vibe to the ‘dishes station’. Sometimes buying old plumbing items from fairs and markets can mean that they may need a little bit of attention before they’re ready to go in your home. There are modern fixtures made to look vintage, so if that appeals to you more, that is definitely an option.

Kitchen Tap Styles

Taps can be separate hot and cold or a combined single tap, but what they have in common, is that they are all quite decorative and not just smooth lines. This is key for creating the vintage look.

4.5 – Oven

Vintage styled ovens are better suited to larger kitchens, which is such a shame, as not many houses are built with large kitchens anymore. However for smaller kitchens, gas hobs look really sweet and give that retro/vintage look. It really doesn’t matter  all that much though, as the rest of your kitchen will look so good, no one will notice a modern hob.

Probably quite an expensive option, but an Ager or cooker styled in a similar way will really add a vintage edge to your room. If you’re lucky you might be able to source an older, second-hand Ager from somewhere like Gumtree or eBay.

Vintage Styles Ovens

If you have a fabulous vintage hob, there’s nothing better to show it off than a copper kettle or fabulous vintage singing kettle. It will add a bit of quirkiness to (what is usually quite boring subject matter) the hob of your oven and definitely make your kitchen look homely and lived in.

Vintage Kettles

Hanging copper pans from a ceiling mounted pan rack, or hooks on the wall looks great in a vintage chic kitchen, even if they’re just for show and you have your usual pans for cooking.

Vintage Copper Pans

There is also the option to just choose pans which match your colour scheme, there are kitchen accessories and utensils in every shade nowadays so you’ll be sure to find something you love.

4.6 – Vintage Accessories

To complete your kitchen you will want to find some quirky accessories and make sure your appliances are in-keeping with your theme, if not hidden away when not in use. This is where you can let your imagination run riot as there is so much fun in sourcing all the bits and pieces you need.

Vintage Storage JarsStorage
Something that every kitchen needs is storage and this too can be fabulously vintage in style. We love labelled tins in varying sizes for bread, coffee, tea and sugar as these can look so chic on your kitchen bench or shelves. There are also great in ceramics as well and it can look great even if they don’t all match up. It all depends on how uniform you want the overall look to be.

Kilner jars are a great way of storing opened cereal, pasta or sugar and they look great out on show too; definitely better than cardboard boxes and packaging.

Vintage Storage Jars

Prettify an old wooden crate with a lick of paint and use it as a service tray; store salt, pepper, napkins, etc. and have it on display, ready for when you’re setting your stunning vintage dining table for guests!

Tea sets
Vintage teacups and saucers are a must to really finish off your kitchen. Scour the charity shops, fairs and markets and you’re bound to find a little matching set. You will probably come across some of the following styles.
For a really feminine chic, choose a tea set with a floral motif; usually these will be gorgeous bright shades of pink and blue on a fine white china, sometimes with gold finishing.
If florals aren’t for you, or you’re quite into retro as well as vintage, a glass tea set can look rather good too. These aren’t as easy to source and you’re probably more likely to find one in a charity shop than anywhere else.
Don’t worry if you can’t find a whole set of matching teacups, saucers and a teapot, just go for the mismatched look. We love the eclectic look of various different patterned china and think it is just as chic as having all matching.

Vintage Tea Sets

The decision you can make once you have your china tea set, is whether you will actually use it or just have them in a glass fronted cupboard for show.

Other little bits and pieces
Like we said before, the world really is your oyster when it comes to your home’s accessories, and the kitchen is no different. Use the accessories to really add to your vintage theme by making sure they are well chosen and visible in your kitchen.
Have your chopping board on display, collect some old cook books, keep your tea in pretty jars, if you bake frequently; have your supplies at the ready… just have fun with it and make it your own.

Everything from copper jelly mouldsUse Your Imagination hung on the wall, to displaying your crockery in a plate rack; you will find that even a crystal cut lemon squeezer won’t look out of place on a shelf with a porcelain toast rack and a row of Kilner jars.
Let your mind roam free and see what you come up with!

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Chapter 3 – The Dining Room

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Shabby Chic Dining Room

Chapter 3 – Dining

The dining room can sometimes get a little bit forgotten with everyone often arriving home at different times and eating separately. But hopefully if you update the room, you’ll feel more inspired to make an effort when it comes to dining. A vintage chic look is perfect in a dining room as the days of fine dining began long ago and they knew what they were doing.

3.1 – Dining table

In your dining room, the key piece is the table, as it can be the hub of activity when entertaining guests, or the place where your kids (or you) do their homework. Whatever this table gets used for, make sure it’s a worthy centrepiece to the room.

Styles and Shapes
The styles/shapes of tables which work well in a vintage inspired room can be anything from a slightly ‘battered’ rectangular table to an elaborately shaped table with highly decorative carved, bow-legs and feet. It all depends on whether you’re going all out vintage or adding a bit of shabby to your chic and how your table will most likely be used.

Vintage Chic Dining Tables at

Ways to make it yours
Something we love is marble and yes we mentioned it before as a possibility for your coffee table and now we are mentioning it again. Marble is so beautiful and sleek and makes any table base look gorgeous. This table is a little more on the vibrant side, however look at the juxtaposition of shapes with the carved wooden table and slick, oval, marble top. Our favourite is Carrera marble which is mostly white with fabulous veins of light and dark grey. Keep marble looking amazing by regularly applying sealant and if you do happen to spill that coffee or red wine, mop it up immediately!

Marble Top Dining Table

Revamped Dining Table

This table in the hotel has been painted all one colour which creates a feature piece for the room, without it being too intrusive and due to the light Furnishing Tip at RoseberyHotelJesmond.comcolour choice, it doesn’t make the space feel smaller. Remember, darker pieces of furniture can really impact the feel of a space and make rooms seem smaller. Also, a painted table which is properly sealed/coated should be fine for any marks and spillages to be wiped off.

Marble Top Vintage Table at

Dressing the table
Of course, marble isn’t for everyone and sometimes a new table isn’t necessary. There are loads of other ways to add a vintage chic twist to your existing table. A table cloth doesn’t have to look like it came straight from your gran’s house (however lace edged cloths on round tables can look really cute), they can be used in really stylish ways to give your table a new look. Table runners can add that little bit of chic and make your room look ready to dine in.

Vase Idea at RoseberyHotelJesmond.comCreate a centrepiece for your centrepiece!
This can really help to tie up your room’s theme or colour scheme. Using a fabulous framed mirror as a tray acts as a really great base for your chosen centrepiece, whether this be sparkling cut crystal decanters or fancy candelabras. If your table isn’t all that big, then a simple vase of flowers looks just as beautiful, maybe even using an old milk jug as a vase.

As with the door wreaths, you can change your table’s decoration to suit the season and breath some new life into your home every three months! Have fun with this, especially if you have guests regularly for food. Give them a surprise by making the table look absolutely beautiful, it will be a talking point and also add to your vintage chic points.

3.2 – Dining chairs

Cinema chairs
If you have a large enough table, then a row of 2 or 3 theatre chairs can be a great form of seating. Not only are they quirky, but there is so much scope for customisation! Each seat can have a different fabric or you could create the ‘ombre’ look by having each seat in a different shade of a colour. You can go as wild as you fancy with this and it makes a great project for a free weekend.

Vintage Cinema Chairs at

Cinema chairs can be sourced at vintage shops, fairs, car boot sales, markets and even directly from a theatre. We were lucky enough to get our hands on some chairs from the Theatre Royal when they underwent a massive refurb.
If your table is too high for cinema chairs, then they can make a great form of extra seating in your living room or (if you’re lucky enough to have a big one) your hallway.

Vintage outdoor chairs
Now when we say garden chairs, we don’t mean those white plastic ‘beauties’ most of us own, we are referring to vintage garden furniture. Usually made from metal, they can be a little on the heavy side (some are lighter, dependent on which kind of metal), but they look so good in a dining room.
A lot of the time, they are covered in outdoor goodies such as cobwebs, moss and sometimes a bit of rust, but DO NOT let this put you off. Rust can be sanded away, or you can actually use white vinegar!

Garden Chairs for Dining at

Revamped Garden Chairs for Dining Children's Vintage Dining Chairs

Use your chairs to add a pop of colour to your dining room. Vintage chic doesn’t have to be muted colours! If your wallpaper choice features one or two bolder colours, then don’t be afraid to pick them out for accessories and furniture.

French style padded chairs
When it comes to chic, the French have been way ahead for years! Inject some Versailles into your dining room with cushioned, decorative seating. Think carved legs and curved, cushioned backs and the beauty of these chairs is that they don’t have to match; just upholster them in matching fabric if you want them to look more uniform.

Padded Vintage Chairs at

You’ll find loads of chairs like these at vintage fairs and in antique shops, a lot of dealers will have full 4 or 6 dining sets too. Just make sure you have enough chairs for all of your friends and family who’ll be wanting to come over for dinner once they see how gorgeous your home is looking!

3.3 – Rugs/Carpet

Flooring in a dining room is really important, as it needs to be suited to the use of the room. If you are actually intending on dining in there, you will need flooring which can be swept,vacuumed or wiped clean easily. Also, in a lot of houses, the dining room is a walk through room to get into the kitchen, so the floor needs to be something quite durable and hard wearing. You don’t have to cut back on a stylish finish however, as there are some great solutions.

Sisal rugs
They may not be the kindest to bare feet, but having a sisal rug under your table is a great idea. They are so easily cleaned and very hard wearing so will last for years. Sisal rugs are best sourced new and can be found relatively cheaply in IKEA; who have a range of sizes and options of colours too.

Floral rugs
If your dining room is large enough for a feature rug then definitely go for it. We don’t however, recommend using an expensive rug under the table as we all know how easy it is to drop food and spill drinks at a dinner table… especially if you have children!
Aubusson rugs are beautiful and look like they came straight from a room in a French palace, they come in various colour ways, prices and some are more intricate than others. It all depends on what you like! There are some superb modern options for rugs; featuring birds as well as plants and flowers, which can look so chic amongst vintage furniture.

Dining Room Rug Styles

You can often find large rugs at vintage fairs, markets and sometimes even in charity shops. Some may appear a little on the grubby side, but it is pretty easy to clean a rug if not a little time consuming. Of course, you can hire an expert to do this for you, but if that’s not an option, then you will need to get cleaning!
A wool rug will need to be treated slightly differently to a woven/mat style rug as hot water can have an adverse effect on wool but would be fine on a woven rug. But here are a few steps for cleaning a rug:

  1. Start by hoovering your rug, slowly work over the whole surface and even hoover the back, as extra dust will be hiding there.
  2. Just beat it! Yes that’s right, grab a carpet beater or wooden spoon and a dust mask and hang your carpet over a fence or washing line. Make sure you choose a day with good weather as you don’t want a rain shower halfway through ridding your rug of dust. If you’ve got some pent up aggression, then use it now to beat that dust out of the carpet.
  3. Wool carpets will need soaking with cool water (just use a hose).
  4. Get a bucket of cool water at the ready with a bit of gentle washing up liquid to add suds. Then the time consuming part begins. Use a soft sponge (not abrasive and don’t use a brush) to rub your rug until you feel happy that you have cleaned it to the best of your abilities.
  5. Hose it down to remove suds and leave it to dry out.
  6. Once it’s dry you could go over it again with the hoover if you want to make doubly sure the dust is gone.

Now you have a gorgeous rug that looks just as new!

3.4 – Cocktail trolley

A cocktail trolley can be a marvelous addition to the dining experience and is a great place to showcase your collection of spirits and a range of fantastic cut crystal glasses.

Brass with glass or marble
In the hotel we have a glamorous brass drinks trolley which we found on Gumtree and luckily it came intact with 2 glass shelves and just needed a quick clean. We’ve since worked on a project with a cocktail trolley where we replaced the glass with marble. Because of the size of marble you will need, you will probably be able to get a better deal using leftover offcuts of marble.

Vintage Bar at

Although marble is a lot heavier than glass, so your trolley may not be as easily moved about, it makes a great feature piece for your dining room which can stay put for when you’re entertaining. As with the marble for table tops, make sure it is treated to avoid stains sinking deep into the marble.

Vintage cut crystal decanters
If you have the patience, pouring your spirits into cut crystal decanters looks great and really brings those decanters back to life; using them for their original purpose. Source decanters from your local antique shop or head to a vintage fair or market. If you find decanters without stoppers, there are sellers which have boxes and boxes full of them and if you’re buying them in the same day you can find the perfect size.

Cut Crystal Decanters at

An effective way to clean crystal decanters is to pop a cup full of water, 2 squeezes of washing up liquid and half a cup full of rice into the decanter andClean Crystal Decanters lightly shake the mixture using circular motions. The rice will act as an abrasive to break down any dirt/stains!

Drinks siphons
You may have seen these in some bars; drink siphons are used to create fizz in your drinks with carbon dioxide. Mainly used for soda water, but you can create a whole range of drinks by just adding flavourings.
Anyway, you can find vintage drink siphons at markets and vintage fairs and most of the time they will still be in working order (as long as none of the parts are missing). We love the different coloured glass siphons which will be a small way of adding that pop of colour to your room.

Vintage Drinks Syphons

So now you’re ready to have your grand dinner party! Get ready for all the compliments on your fabulous new dining room!

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Chapter 2 – The Lounge

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Shabby Chic Living Room

Chapter 2 – Lounge

So we’ve set the stage for your home’s entrance and now it’s time to get even more vintage chic into your home interiors. A great place to spruce up for impact is your lounge. Imagine your friends and family coming around for a cuppa and seeing your newly refurbished (or even just enhanced) living space and leaving with inspiration for their own homes.Making Mood Boards at

We definitely recommend a mood board before you start buying or customising anything. You’ll want to be 100% sure of everything you’re doing before you do it, so you get the best results possible.


2.1 – Wallpaper

Choosing your colour scheme
The decision you make for your wallpaper can really make a room! Most of the time colours can be picked out of the paper and utilised all across the interiors of your room and maybe even inspire paint choices if you are thinking of a total living room overhaul. (If you have an item of furniture which has inspired your style choices/colour scheme, then be sure to let this help you when choosing wallpaper.)

As we mentioned before, a mood board will prove to be really handy here, as it will help you to remain focused and not get off track or distracted by other pretty things!

Vintage Chic Lounge at

Brands we love

In the hotel we have a range of different wallpapers but we always love looking at Anna French and Designers Guild. Vintage florals don’t have to be chintzy, there are lots of lovely examples featuring flowers and birds in soft hues, so they aren’t as intrusive. Also simplified brocade patterns in soft shades are perfect for a vintage chic styled room. Here are some of our current favourites:

Wallpaper Choices at

We definitely recommend picking one wall to paper, rather than the whole room, to keep things super chic, however if your print is understated enough, you can get away with every wall being covered.

2.2 – Sofa/Seating

Styles and Shapes
Let’s start furnishing with the comfort aspect of the room, your seating! Whether you have the space for a small 2 seater or a gigantic corner sofa, you don’t have to scrimp on vintage style.
When choosing your sofa, think about the style and shape. If you have created a mood board or found things you like on Pinterest, then you will most probably have come across seats like these:

Vintage Styles of Seating at

As you can see there are some clean and elegant shapes as well as quite highly decorative flourishes. The choice is down to you and how far you want to take the vintage theme. From superb button backed Louis couches to fantastic leather Chesterfields and all that’s in between.

Re-upholstering your furniture
In the hotel we have a lot of seating. Our reception features a beautiful re-upholstered loveseat; fabric of choice, tapestries! We collected tapestries from the likes of eBay, charity shops and vintage fairs and took them to our trusty upholsterers, Kraftwork, where they worked their magic to create what we believe to be, a work of art.

Vintage Tapestry Seat Transformation at

Another project which is so much fun, is giving re-upholstering with simple fabric a try. We turned an old (slightly battered) sofa into a luxurious, comfortable couch fit for a vintage queen!

Vintage Sofa Before and After at

The seat cushion is a large piece of thick, squishy foam which was cut into the correct shape using the most unlikely of tools; an electric carving knife, which are in fact perfect for the job. To upholster the seat back we used more foam and a big staple gun.
Upholstering Tip at RoseberyHotelJesmond.comThe trick is to start in the centre and work your way outwards to ensure that you don’t get to the other side and realise your fabric has skewed or you don’t have enough. Make sure you have your fabric cut bigger than you need, the excess can always be trimmed away later and raw edges can be covered using a glue gun and some fabric trim.
This large, wingback armchair was also re-upholstered to give it a new lease of life; in a great atlas fabric with contrasting scarlet studding.

Wingback Chair Transformation at

Whatever you choose, make sure you love it so much that you won’t change your mind in a few months time. Stick to subtle and soft hues and if you don’t think you’ll like “that pattern” next month, then choose something else. When it comes to upholstering, the world is your oyster!

Finishing touches
Adding throw cushions to your sofa can really add to the vintage chic if you don’t have the funds/time to get a new sofa or pretty one up. Making your own cushions is so much fun too. We’ll be talking more about this in our Bedroom chapter.

2.3 – Lighting

Chandeliers… again!
Of course, chandeliers are our first port of call, and as we detailed in the hallway section, you can choose something as elaborate as your tastes desire. But since we’re talking living rooms, we’re going to focus more on the ‘mood lighting’. To most people, the living room comes alive in the evening and so the need for ambient and warmer light is a definite factor to consider.

Free standing lamps
Free-standing are a great way to bring a cosy glow to your living room and brighten up that corner.Again, you can go quite decorative with a filigree brass lamp base, or stay simple with a wooden base. Wooden lamp bases are the easiest to customise with paint to suit your room’s decor.

Lamp Base Styles

Lamp shades
You can find some great lampshades at vintage fairs which will bring that perfect touch of chic to your room. Lampshades shaped like the ones below are perfect and you can even add your own personal touch with some tassel trim.

Vintage Lampshades at

Light Warmth Tip at RoseberyHotelJesmond.comMini chandelier shades are also pretty easy to find, you just have to look. They are a great way of softening the light of the many bulbs on a chandelier.
Make the most of the ability to control a room’s “temperature” through clever lighting tricks. Bulbs with a “warmer” feel tend to be around 2800K, the warmth of a light is measured in Kelvin and the higher the number, the “colder” the light. This again is totally up to you, as it is personal preference.

2.4 – Coffee table

Styles and Shapes
No living room is complete without a coffee table, that place to put your feet up (if you’re allowed) or just somewhere to store your magazines under. There are some fabulous options when it comes to vintage style tables. You can go for more of a minimal look with a simple but luxurious marble top or find a kidney shaped, French renaissance, decorative table. It all depends on what works with the choices you’ve made for your living room interiors.

VIntage Coffee Table Ideas at

Make it your own
In the hotel we have an amazing brass legged table for which we swapped a glass top, for a stunning slab of marble. Getting a piece of marble cut can often be cheaper than buying a marble table in the shops. Keep your eyes peeled at vintage fairs however, as you may end up finding one.Coffee Table DIY at
A great trick for getting what you want, is shortening the table’s legs. There’s nothing to say that you can’t have an oversized coffee table if you really love that dining table (and it won’t work in the dining room).

Painting wooden furniture or spray painting brass is a fab way to bring a bit of modern to your vintage stylings and it is so simple to do.

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A Room by Room Guide to Vintage Chic at

Chapter 1 – The Entrance

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Shabby Chic Entrance Hallway

Chapter 1 – Entrance

Obviously the entrance to your home is the first thing anyone sees, so there’s no reason why you can’t make an instant impact. Whether your home has a porch or you just go straight into the hallway, you can make the most of your home’s entrance way. From adding a lick of paint to your front door, to making sure the lighting in your hallway is just right, we’ll help you inject some chic, vintage style into an often forgotten part of the home.

1.1 – Front Door

Greet your guests in style by sprucing up your front door with some of our vintage styling tips. It can be as simple as hanging a decorative wreath or you can go all out and go salvage hunting for the perfect front door!

The door itself
If this is a possibility, sourcing an old style or actual vintage door is a superb way to start your journey into vintage chic. Visiting vintage fairs is a great first port of call, here you can find a plethora of furniture items, clothes, decorative accessories and even old fairground ride memorabilia! So even if you don’t find the door of your dreams, you’re sure to unearth some other treasures.
Look for doors with panelling or intricate carving. You will instantly create a vintage look if you choose a door with some sort of detailing.

Styles of Front Door at

Paint choice
Great colours to create a vintage vibe are shades of cream, soft grey and of course duck egg blue. We love Farrow and Ball colours, and if you approach your local paint shop, they will be able to mix you the perfect shade, so there’s no need to splash out on expensive paints!

Colour Swatches at

Painting Tip at RoseberyHotelJesmond.comPrepare your door by sanding it down; making the surface more paint friendly will avoid peeling (painting on top of gloss doesn’t get a clean finish). Apply two coats to get the best results; two coats of paint on an average door will need about 1.6 litres of paint, however, always check the coverage on the side of the tin before buying.


Stained glass
Including a bespoke designed piece or even an existing piece of stained glass can add even more vintage-vibe to the entrance to your home. Many towns have local glass-works, so just pop in for a visit to discuss your design or a window they already have. As this is a bespoke artisan craft, prices will vary dependent on the complexity.

Door with Stained Glass

Window Cleaning Tip at

If you’re lucky enough to already have decorative glass in your door, then just make sure you keep it nice and clean to make the most of this amazing design feature. White vinegar and water with a soft cloth or even newspaper will make your window shine in no time!

Extras – (Plants, Brass Numbers/Knockers & Fairy-lights)
Outside of the hotel entrance, we have varied plants and some fabulous topiary bushes which really create a welcoming look, perfect for a hotel and for a home. To make the topiary and trees even more of a feature, we give them life at night! By simply adding fairy-lights to the entranceway, you too can make sure your entrance looks welcoming all day, every day!

Cleaning Tips at RoseberyHotelJesmond.comIf you imagine a door leading to a fabulous vintage home; can you picture a big number and maybe even an elaborate brass knocker? We love the way this looks and sourcing brass features for your door is really easy and can be quite cheap if you’re willing to clean up an old piece. It sounds crazy, but you can use regular ketchup to clean up brass! Alternatively you can use lemon, baking soda and a soft cloth. Depending upon how much elbow grease you use, you can achieve a really bright finish, if that is the look you’re after.
If you can find a decorative letterbox too, then your door will be fit for royalty!

Brass Door Accessories

Wreaths can really increase the vintage feel as there are so many options to choose from. Florals are obviously a great choice and dusky shades of pink, blue and cream are perfect.  You could keep it seasonal and have pretty meadow flowers for Spring, sunflowers in Summer, stunning coloured leaves in Autumn and pine cones, holly and berries for Winter. We definitely recommend having a go at making them yourself, as it can be so much fun, as well as cheaper than buying one!

Decorative Door Wreaths

Other ideas may be better suited to indoors, which is perfect if you live in a block of flats or you have an internal front door in your porch. Distressed musical paper or pages from old books can be fashioned into roses or scrolls and glued onto a Styrofoam ring. For a more intricate look, lace and old brooches can be used to create a visually stunning wreath. Try making your own wreath to really add some finesse to your front door. You can find some amazing inspiration on sites such as Pinterest, and many of these pins have links to tutorials. Here’s a great tutorial from The Magic Brush Inc. to create a paper wreath, with added glitter!

1.2 – Porch

If you are lucky enough to have a porch, big or small, you can bring a hint of vintage charm as well as intrigue, to your porch. The porch is technically the first room in your home, or second if you count the front garden (which we do!), so it’s a great idea to think about how you can style it.

In the hotel, we have the fabulous original tiles on the porch floor, which were simply cleaned up. But do not fret if your home did not come with it’s own feature flooring; there are plenty of alternatives. Finding tiles in reclamation yards or vintage fairs is a great alternative and you can even get replica vintage tiles specially made.

Tiled Porch Floors

Old or reclaimed tiles can often need a bit of attention involving a fair amount of elbow grease and effort, but the results will be totally worth it when you see the reaction you get from your guests. Following these 3 steps will ensure you get the best from your tiled floor:

Step 1.

Deep clean the tiles with acid/alkali cleaner, making sure to scrub them with a decent scrubbing brush and then rinse them off with lots of water. Then allow the tiles to dry for several days, keeping them covered with dust-sheets.

Step 2.

Seal the tiles to keep them looking great. You MUST remove excess sealant remaining on the surface of the tiles after the specified time; otherwise it goes sticky and attracts dirt! We don’t want all that elbow grease to go to waste now do we?

Step 3.

Apply a polish to your tiles. The amount of polish you use will result in different levels of sheen, depending on how sparkling you want your floor to be.

Although tiles are the best for a hard-wearing, easy-clean, outside-to-inside transition, there are other options for a statement floor. Linoleum or vinyl flooring can be purchased in a whole manner of different styles and colour ways. Again, lino and vinyl are easy to clean and if good quality, can last for years! Sourcing from local flooring shops can be the best option as you may be able to get a good deal on ‘end of line’ ranges.

Quirky Features
Repurposing and upcycling are the buzzwords of the moment and we think that the porch is the perfect place to add a bit of fun to your home. Turn any object or piece of furniture lying around your house into a quirky feature piece for your entranceway, to store coats and everyday items.
Repurposing Ideas at RoseberyHotelJesmonc.comEnsure the first thing guests see on entering your home is filled with personality, your personality. We love old metal buckets as umbrella stands and vintage suitcases or ladders as shoe storage. All of which can be painted or covered to match your colour scheme!

Repurposed Items

If you have a high enough ceiling, adding a chandelier to your porch adds instant vintage chic and glamour. If space is limited and you still love the idea of a chandelier, try finding some crystal wall sconces. They are just as beautiful but take up way less space when you are limited by size. Look in your local antiques shop and if you can get to a vintage fair then definitely do, as you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Wall Sconces at

1.3 – Hallway

If you don’t have a porch, the hallway will be the first impression of the interior of your home. Make sure the oohs and aahs of your guests don’t stop after the front door by making a feature out of your hallway. Use soft colours or quirky flooring and enhance the light, airy feeling to make the space appear larger. The key to making a space feel larger than it is, is to not over-clutter, keep things simple (but that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on beauty!)

FlooringFlooring Tips at
Continuing the flooring from the porch can marry up the two spaces and really create a statement. However, simple flooring in a hallway, such as wood-look laminate, or, if your floorboards are in good nick, can be the perfect option. Painting the floor a lovely soft colour can be a great way to add a vintage chic vibe to a room, letting the details come from the dressing of the room. Floorboards may need sanding before painting, so it is best to decide on your flooring choice before starting other decorating. You never know, you may like the look of your floor as is after a quick clean!

Hallway Flooring at

If you’re worried about the warmth in an uncarpeted room, then opt for a rug or a really simple carpet in a soft colour. The lighter the carpet though, the more adamant you’ll have to be that people remove their shoes at the door!

Runner carpets are great if you have a narrow space, and circular rugs work really well in quite an open space. If plain and simple isn’t your thing, you can afford to have a bit of pattern in your chosen rug.

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of space, in The Rosebery, we have lots of mirrors bouncing light around, making areas feel more spacious.
Framed Mirrors at RoseberyHotelJesmond.comIf you have a long, narrow hallway, using a large mirror will create the illusion of more space and also help with lighting as hallways often don’t have any windows. Shop around for mirrors and even empty frames. Your local glazier will be able to make a new piece of glass to fit your chosen frame perfectly!
We love large gilt mirrors and fabulous Venetian glass framed mirrors, shopping at fairs and car boot sales will mean you can haggle your way to a price that suits you.

Vintage Mirrors at

Give your guests something to look at by hanging multiple mirrors on the wall leading upstairs. Choose a variation of shapes and sizes to add a bit of quirk to your vintage chic interiors!

Console Table
If you have the space, a console table can be a great way to bring some character to your hallway. These fabulous half-styled tables are a great place for any knick-knacks you want to display or even just as a place to put your keys down as you come in. Adding a bit of interest to a space will distract from the size, which is perfect for narrow hallways.

Console Table Styles

Even the simplest of stairways can become a perfectly pretty, vintage chic passageway. As we mentioned, using an array of different mirrors will not only look great, but it will bring light to your stairway during the day. Another great idea for the wall, is to add half height panelling in a light colour.

Mirrors Up The Stairs

Now, there are so many ways to make a feature out of your staircase, starting with the actual steps. A really great way to liven up the stairs is to paste wallpaper on the vertical part of the step, and either leave the wooden tread or paint it, maybe colour picking from the wallpaper.
Creating a feminine vintage look? Floral paper in subdued, pastel hues will look stunning. If you’re after something that’s a bit friendlier to both feminine and masculine, paint the vertical a slightly darker hue than the tread (or vice-versa).

Different Styles for Stairs

If you have an old house with a fabulous original stairway and a banister, you are already one step (excuse the pun!) closer to the vintage dream. Having intricate or carved balustrades really enhances a staircase and adds detail without any sort of clutter. Having bespoke spindles made by a carpenter or blacksmith can be a little on the pricey side, so salvage hunting is definitely a great idea.Salvage Hunting at
In the hotel we have been lucky enough to salvage some stunning railings from a building which was being demolished. To get them looking smart, we had them sand blasted and powder coated at a local industrial painters. If there are any demolition works in your area it’s definitely worth contacting the right people to see if you can get a bargain. Sourcing railings which have been outdoors, does mean there is a bit of work involved in getting them spruced up for use in your home, but if you’re willing to spend the time on it, you will reap the rewards. Just keep picturing the finished result and you will stay motivated!

Stair Balustrades at

We love chandeliers and there are so many different levels of opulence, depending on your tastes, you can go crystal crazy on an eight armed chandelier, or just have a decorative brass 3 armed chandelier. To us at The Rosebery, the bigger the better!!!

Vintage Crystal Chandeliers at

So, add this to your checklist when you head to the vintage fair, as you will spot loads of gorgeous lighting. Another thing you’ll get from here are chandelier crystals and if you are buying a few, you can usually barter a better price (but without being offensive to the dealer). Local antique shops will probably have some options, but most of the time the price will be a bit higher than at a trade fair.

A chandelier is the perfect addition to a fabulously vintage chic hallway.

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Things to do in Jesmond

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When looking for a bed and breakfast in Newcastle upon Tyne, look no further than the Rosebery Hotel, a Jesmond B&B which has lots to offer its guests in terms of comfort, value for money and style. Also, Jesmond is a lovely, leafy, smart, residential suburb of Newcastle, so we’re only 5 minutes from Newcastle city centre, which has a range of activities, shops, venues, bars, cafes and restaurants for our guests to enjoy. Whether you want to spend a whole day shopping, or you want to take a stroll through the gorgeous Jesmond Dene, you couldn’t be in a more perfect place than the Rosebery Hotel!

Jesmond is a suburban, Edwardian area with plenty of green spaces, which include the afore mentioned Jesmond Dene Park, and tree lined streets, which give you a sense of tranquillity and you don’t feel like you’re in a major city. Historically, Jesmond was an area where many of the North East’s ship builders built large detached villas, so there remains today, some beautiful examples of Edwardian and Victorian housing stock to ogle at on your leisurely stroll around the area.

For a guest who has already chosen to stay in the Jesmond area, or a guest who is looking for a hotel in Jesmond, we are in an ideal location to explore the region.

Shopping in Jesmond, is fabulous if you’re looking for independent stylish boutiques!

On Clayton Road, you have the likes of the exquisite Williamson Brown; an independent jewellery company, Designer and Lestrynes of Jesmond; which are both women’s clothing boutiques. There is a fabulous florist called Secret Garden Flowers, if you’re visiting anyone at the Freeman and want to surprise them with some beautiful flowers. If you get peckish, you could visit Willi’s Coffee House and enjoy some great food and some great coffee.

On Acorn road you’ll find Jules B; a high end men’s clothing retailer, Daniel; a designer footwear shop and you could even nip in to Oxfam charity shop and grab yourself a bargain!

There are some great places to eat in Jesmond, a few of which are; Cafe 1901The Fat Hippo and Jam Jar, which is a great place for live music!

If you fancy a little pampering session or getting your hair done while you’re in Jesmond, there’s ID Hair Design, Boiler House and The Beauty Spot which are both just a few minutes from the Rosebery Bed and Breakfast. We’re not forgetting the men, there’s OB Barbers just around the corner from the hotel and David H up on Acorn Road.

If you’re into your fitness, there’s no need to miss out while you’re staying in Jesmond. There are a number of fitness classes and gyms in the vicinity. You can get a week’s membership in Pinetree which is only a 1 minute walk from the Rosebery, where you can enjoy classes such as spinning, yoga and body pump. At Fitness Matrix you can get involved in kettlebell, boxercise and pilates amongst other classes. If a full on work out isn’t what you’re after, then visit Jesmond Swimming Pool for a relaxing swim or go for a scenic walk in Jesmond Dene.

If you’re staying with children and need something that will keep them occupied, then there are some great suggestions for a day out with the kids. For a short walk away from the hotel, there is the wonderful Pets Corner Petting Zoo and playground in Jesmond Dene Park.